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Heart Wreath Perfect For Valentines Day

As Valentines Day fast approaches, why not say 'I Love You' with something hand crocheted?

This heart wreath is just one of many things I can crochet and in this one specifically, each flower is individually crocheted in any choice of colour. Each wreath can be completely customised too and made using any colour of your choice.

Perhaps you'd prefer every flower to be the same colour or you'd like one similar to the one shown in this image? Let me know how you'd like it made and I will cusotmise it to your preference.

This Heart Wreath is made is Small, Medium and Large and the prices for these are below:

Small = £10 (+ Postage)

Medium = £15 (+ Postage)

Large = £20 (+ Postage)

If you want to know more about this handmade Heart Wreath, contact me today and I'll love to help you create the perfect gift.


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