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Handmade Children's Gifts

Nothing says it better than handmade and that's made make me think about creating some handmade gifts for children. My granddaughter loves to play with kitchen utensils and open the cupboards in the kitchen which made me think of a great gift to give her for Christmas.

After she got her own small little cooker and pots and pans, I handstitched Oven Gloves, Blanket, Pinafore and Tea Towel - all matching - for her to wear when she decides to make us some tea or cook us some meals.

They all look great together as a set and she absolutely loves them which is great.

Each item can be created and sold individually, or as part of a large set. Individually, each item can be created from as little as £5.

If you'd like me to create something similar for you to give your child, neice, nephew, graddaughter or friend's child, then please do give me a call.

I can also make anything personalised with name or favourite colour. Call me on 07746951634 today.

Handmade Children's Cooking Set

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